Company History

DegageCorp. was founded in 1977 (Texas Incorporation in 1979) to satisfy an emerging need within the computer and electronics industries for a solution to static caused failures.

Beginning as a manufacturer of high density urethane shunt foam, DegageCorp. was a first in the industry with a conductive latex coated manila envelope that was the forerunner of our current conductive circuit board bag. In 1979 Degage set another new standard with the introduction of a full line of “Big Button” wrist straps, ground cords and conductive work stations. In 1999 Degage set new frontiers with the development of special profiled films in bags and tubing, certifiable to clean room standards as low as class 50, with particulation levels that are consistently the lowest in the U.S. DegageCorp. now sells a complete line of special class 100 to class 50 films, (JPG-5322-1 Level 50-100) specifically profiled for the fiber optics, bio-medical, medical, pharmaceutical, electronics and aerospace industries.

In 2000 DegageCorp. introduced, to the computer industry, a new static dissipative laminate designed to eliminate 100% of all abrasion rub marks in the packaging and shipping of polycarbonate computer monitors. Today, DegageCorp. is a manufacturer-fabricator of a complete line of over 100 products, for the production and packaging of static sensitive electronic and clean room parts, including static shielding bags, conductive and anti static polyethylene and nylon bags, as well as a full line of clean room class 100 bags and tubing, extruded in our Fed. Standard 209e certified clean room. DegageCorp. also fabricates, in our “hand made” section, a complete line of square bottom covers and tote liners, both anti static and clean room class 100, and we have the capabilities of die cutting, label applying and hot stamping. DegageCorp. has one of the few ten foot Vertrod heat sealing machines in the southern U.S. and can fabricate extremely large, long seal, anti static square bottom covers and shrouds.

At DegageCorp. we are familiar with the rigid cleanliness requirements of Mil-Std. 1246 level 100 and all of our clean room packaging products exceed the requirements of IEST 14644 Class 5 as well as NASA JPG-5322-1 Level 50-100. We are experienced in ESD training and act as consultants to industry for compliance to ANSI/ESD S.20.20.

With manufacturing located in Los Angeles, Cal. and Terrell, Texas, DegageCorp. is uniquely situated to offer a quality product line, at competitive prices, with on time delivery, backed up by a knowledgeable, experienced and responsive sales service technical department. At Degage our customers always come first and you will find our clean room bags the absolute cleanest in the industry.