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Q: Are black specs a source of contamination for class 100 polyethylene?

Round (or spherical in shape) markings on the film are not contamination and are Intrinsic to the extrusion process. Carbon and gel marks are encapsulated within the film itself, and are not a source of direct contact with product contained within. Gel marks are molten resin that has been exposed to time and heat, resulting in round markings that range in color from identical to the material, to a light brown. Gel marks are translucent. Carbon marks are molten resin that has also been exposed to time and heat and has been trapped in the extrusion equipment. Exposure to increased time and heat cause the resin to burn. As the burning process continues, parts break free, resulting in black round markings on the material.

We have done extensive research looking for materials that meet all the specifications and requirements of clean packaging, and Degage Corp, feels that we have materials meeting and exceeding those requirements and specifications. There is not a resin manufacturer or extruder who can, in an honest statement, claim their films are 100% carbon or gel free. We perform a 100% inspection to reduce the few carbon and gel marks that do occur in the different films; however, based on many Quality teachings, 100% inspection is only 85% effective in most cases. Degage Corp. employs great effort to inspect and divert any products that exhibits these characteristics before Shipment.

We are offering this information to help educate you and/or your customers so you may be aware of this anomaly in any packaging received. Should you have any additional questions or comments, feel free to contact us at 972-524-2979

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Q: Are our polyethylene resins FDA approved?

Degage Corp. Confirms that DC-1200-C, as manufactured and shipped from our facilities, can be used in complying with Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations, CFR, per the conditions below:

DC-1200-C is comprised of a blend of homo-polyethylenes as defined under §177.1520(a)(2)(i) and complies with extractive limitations set forth under ¶ (C) 2.1. This product contains no formulation additives. DC-1200-C may be used in non-cooking applications pursuant to ¶(c)2.1. under §177.1520. DC-1200-C may be used in food contact applications defined by Parts 175, 176, and 177 subject to the provisions of use and food contact types specified under each Part.

Degage Corp. confirms that DC-1200-C is produced with raw materials and operating practices that would not render the polymers unsafe or unsuitable for contact with food within the meaning of section 402 and 409 of the Federal Food and Cosmetic Act, and it’s implementing regulations including the Good Manufacturing Practice regulation, 21 CFR § 174.5 “General provisions applicable to indirect food additives”.

Finally, it is your responsibility to determine that our product is safe, lawful, and technically suitable for you intended uses. Please note that this letter is provided to you as one of the means to assist you in analyzing our product, and does not serve to modify or amend our sales arrangement of contract with you or your company.

Degage Corp. Inc. does not endorse or claim suitability of its product for any particular use. Degage Corp. makes no warranty of merchantability as to its products. Degage Corp. makes no warranties, express or implied, concerning the suitability or fitness of any Degage Corp, Inc. product for any particular use. Degage Corp, Inc. liability and your exclusive remedy for any claim arising out of the sales of its products are expressly limited to replacement of non-performing goods or payment not to exceed the purchase price plus transportation charges in respect to any material which damage is proven or claimed.

The information in this letter is valid for cited regulations published as of the date this document was prepared. Updates may be prepared as the regulations are amended or pending revised information about the resins we extrude.

If further information is needed, please do not hesitate to contact Degage Corp.

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Q: What Is Barefoot Virgin Polyethylene?

Barefoot is a proprietary blend of resin meaning there are no anti-bloks or anti slips added to the resin. Vrigin means there the resin is not a regrind referring to the fact there is no recycled material involved.

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Q: Can Degage Corp. Manufacture Cleanroom, Class 100 FDA Food Approved Bags?

DegageCorp. Uses only virgin, barefoot FDA, food approved resin in the manufacture of its polyethylene class 100 and class 50 bags.

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Q: What are DegageCorp's terms of sale?

DegageCorp's terms of sale are 1%10net30 for customers with approved credit. We accept visa and mastercard. There is a 3.5% visa and mastercard service fee. For foreign customers without an established credit account, we accept visa and mastercard or wire transfers, international wire transfers are subject to a $20.00 international fee added to their invoice. For domestic customers wishing to use wire transfer there is no transfer fee. Shipping terms are: FOB our dock in Texas zip code 75160, in California zip code 90270. We ship via UPS, Fedex or the customers approved freight line and all freight charge billing is to the customers freight line account.

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Q: Does DegageCorp. carry product liability insurance on it's products?

No, DegageCorp. does not carry product liability insurance nor do we warrant or imply that our products are designed for any specific use. Customers Should determine product suitability based upon their own criteria and testing.

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Q: Can DegageCorp. manufacture a pinhole free liquid tight bag?

Yes, DegageCorp employs a special seal and uses special resins, that along with strict manufacturing standards, allows us to produce a watertight and leak free bag.

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Q: Does DegageCorp. warehouse and stock any bags certified to JPG 5322-1 level 100?

Yes, Degage Corp. stocks 2mil, small size,nylon bags (100 per pack) for immediate delivery, that meet JPG5322-1 level 100.

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Q: Can Pink Colored Class 5 bags be used in a cleanroom?

Yes pink bags can be used in a Class 5 cleanroom. Pink is the industry standardized color that industry wide denotes the product as being Anti-Static, 10/12th Ohms/Square. Pink coloring is only an industrial coloring agent that has nothing to do with the static resistivity characteristics of polyethylene film. It would be more desirable to use a clear antistatic bag rather than a pink one to totally eliminate any possibility of color out- gassing and contamination.

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Q: Can Gusseted bags be manufactured to a cleanliness level of Class 5?

Yes gusseted bags can be manufactured by DegageCorp to Class 5, in widths up to (60" or 1524mm) (total gusset & bag) and in any lengths.

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Q: Can Black conductive bags be manufactured to meet JPG5322-1 level 100?

DegageCorp has unique capabilities of manufacturing a black conductive bag with a resistance of 10/5th Ohms/Sq that will meet JPG 5322-1 level 100.

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Q: What is the widest width film Degage Corp can manufacture to JPG 5322-1 level 100?

DegageCorp can manufacturer films up to (120" or 3048mm) by any length, or tubing up to (60" or 1524mm) in width, that will meet JPG 5322-1 level 100. Sheeting will be folded in the middle and wound on a (60" or 1524mm) wide PVC molded, not sawn, core.

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Q: Does DegageCorp use paper or PVC cores on their rolls of film and tubing?

DegageCorp uses only molded PVC cores that will not generate any pick off or contamination.

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Q: Can DegageCorp. manufacture Class 5 perforated bags on a roll, for use in our cleanroom?

Yes we can, however, "Perf on a Roll" bags are not normally used in a cleanroom due to the possibility of "PICK OFF" at the perforation. DegageCorp has designed and uses a special perforation machine that has eliminated all "PICK OFF" & particulates.