DC-1400-CTC Cleanroom Anti Static Clear Tubing and Sheets - MIL-PRF-81705D-Type II - JPG-5322-1 Level 100 - ISO Class 5 - 2Mil, 3Mil, 4Mil, 6Mil

Cleanroom Gusseted Anti-Static and non gusseted Clear Tubing and Sheets - MIL-PRF-81705D-Type II - JPG-5322-1 Level 100 - ISO Class 5 - 2Mil, 3Mil, 4Mil, 6Mil, 8 mil

DegageCorp’s .002 mil - .008 mil Class 100 gusseted anti static and lay flat poly tubing, meets, or exceeds, the electrical requirements of MIL-PRF-81705D, Type II entitled Barrier Material, Flexible, Electrostatic- Free and Heat Sealable, Humidity independent and non-corrosive. When tested for Fluoride (f), Chloride (CI), Sodium (Na), Sulfate (S04), nitrate (N03), and Phosphate (P04) these corrosive contaminants were found to be negligible or immeasurable. DegageCorp’s anti-static Cleanroom tubing is made from a single layer of non-amine poly.

All of the values listed below were taken from random samples of production materials we believe to be typical of our product. Actual values may vary somewhat from those depicted and Degage Corp makes no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the suitability of these materials for any specific use. Customers should determine product suitability based upon their own criteria.

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Color - Clear, tinted pink, or tinted blue.
Thickness - 2 mils to 8 mils
Tensile Strength - 2000 to 3000 PSI
Tearing Strength - 65 to 450 Ibs. per inch
Elongation (MD%) - greater than 550
Dart Impact - 250 to 700 gms
Burst (Mullen) - 20 to 60 PSI
Surface Resistivity - <10^12th OHMS/Sq.
ASTM D 374
ASTM D 1004
ASTM D 882
ASTM D 1709
Performance Static Decay Rate - 5 KV-O Volts < 2 seconds per
Mll-PRF-81705D, Type II-Fed. Test Method 101
Method 4046
Polycarbonate Compatibility - 3400 PSI at 73°F, 2500 PSI at 120°F, 1700 PSI at
158°F and 2000 at 185°F
Shelf Life Permanently anti-static under normal storage conditions.
16 hours @ 0°F - antistatic
16 hours @ 160°F - antistatic
∞ hours @ 100°F, 95% RH-antistatic
Sizes Bag Width - 1" to 60”
Bag length - Any length Available in Zip Lock tops.
Minimum 3"
Heat Sealing
Temperature - 250°F - 375°F
Time - 0.5 - 3.5 seconds
Pressure - 30 - 70 PSI
Applications For packaging of static sensitive and non-static sensitive components, where Electrostatic contamination is a problem. Products Available - Bags, Tubing and Sheeting.


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