DC-1360-CMVBT Cleanroom Vapor Barrier Tubing - ISO Class 5 -JPG-5322-1 Level 100 - 2Mil, 4Mil

Class 100 Cleanroom Vapor Barrier Tubing made from Virgin Barefoot LDPE - ISO Class 5 - JPG-5322-1 Level 100 - 2Mil, 4Mil

 DegageCorps. low density, polyethylene, cleanroom, class 100, ISO Class 5 vapor barrier tubing is made from a mono structure film extruded in a FED. Cert 209E cleanroom that exhibits the characteristics of low vapor transmission while meeting the strict cleanliness specifications of JPG 5322-1 Level 100. Our mono film is extruded from a blend of low density resins that contain no release agents, slip agents, or manufacturing aides. See CleanTuff for additional specifications and test results. 

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