DC-1600 Notched Polyethylene Blend Tear Strip Bags -3mil, 4mil Only


Notched, tear strip bags 3mil and 4mil

 DegageCorp. notched tear-strip bags are manufactured from a blend of resins that impart a molecular structure to the film or bag that when notched or cut tear in a straight line, the length of the bag, for ease of product removal. DegageCorps. tear strip bags are available in 3mil clear and can either be hot stamped or printed. Tear strip bags are heavily used in the packaging of medical supplies and medical instruments. DegageCorps. tear strip bags are custom made to the customers specifications and require a 3 week manufacturing time. 

DC-CFCL Conductive Crosslink Polyethylene foam


  DC-CFCL is a high density, cross link polyethylene conductive foam, that has a resistivity of 105th Ohms/Sq, and does not exhibit flossing of pick off. DC-CFCl is availablle in sheet sizes of 35"X29.5" and is available as die cut pieces on a special order basis.

DC-CFHD Conductive High Density Shunt Foam

DC-CFHD is a high density, urethane foam saturated with a conductive graphite medium that is commonly used as a shunt foam for the protection in shipping of Micro Chips.

DC-CFHD high density foam is available in sheets and thicknesses of 1/4", 3/8",1/2" and special order thicknesses of 5/8" - 1 1/2". It is also available as a die cut specialty item. Basic sheet size is 24"X36" and has a resistivity of 105th ohms/sq.

DC-CFLD Conductive Low Density Packaging Foam


DC-CFLD is a low density urethane foam saturated with a condictive graphite medium having a resistivity of 104thohms/sq and is normally used for the packaging of static sensitive components and is often found laminated to the inside of cardboard shipping boxes. DC-CFLD is available in sheet sizes of 24"X36"  and in thicknesses of 1/4" - 1", with larger thicknesses available on a special order basis.