DC-1760 Static Dissipative Electronics Anti-Fatigue Mats Grey or Brown 3/8


  DegageCorps. "Soft Foot" static dissapative 108th Ohms./Sq., Electronics, anti fatigue mats are 3/8" thick and master roll sizes are 3'X60' and 5'X60'. Soft Foot mats have beveled sides. These are very high quality mats to be used at stand up electronic work stations and are not made for chairs to roll on. This mat will cut a workers foot fatigue by 70%. Available finishes are 1. Pebble embossed and 2. Wide rib and available colors are brown and grey. All mats are cut to size and a standard grounding snap is installed.

DC-CFCL Conductive Crosslink Polyethylene foam


  DC-CFCL is a high density, cross link polyethylene conductive foam, that has a resistivity of 105th Ohms/Sq, and does not exhibit flossing of pick off. DC-CFCl is availablle in sheet sizes of 35"X29.5" and is available as die cut pieces on a special order basis.

DC-CFHD Conductive High Density Shunt Foam

DC-CFHD is a high density, urethane foam saturated with a conductive graphite medium that is commonly used as a shunt foam for the protection in shipping of Micro Chips.

DC-CFHD high density foam is available in sheets and thicknesses of 1/4", 3/8",1/2" and special order thicknesses of 5/8" - 1 1/2". It is also available as a die cut specialty item. Basic sheet size is 24"X36" and has a resistivity of 105th ohms/sq.

DC-CFLD Conductive Low Density Packaging Foam


DC-CFLD is a low density urethane foam saturated with a condictive graphite medium having a resistivity of 104thohms/sq and is normally used for the packaging of static sensitive components and is often found laminated to the inside of cardboard shipping boxes. DC-CFLD is available in sheet sizes of 24"X36"  and in thicknesses of 1/4" - 1", with larger thicknesses available on a special order basis.