DC-7000-OVSS Static Shielding Bags

Special Pricing on overstocked, Unprinted, Static Sheilding Bags. (MIL PRF-81705D TYPE III CLASS 1) 3.5 Mil static sheilding bags not printed. pricing per 100 bags, minimum order $200.00 FOB our warehouse Terrell, Texas 75161

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Sizes Prices/C Sizes  Prices/C
3X5X.0035 $8.25/C 6X10X.0035 $17.50/C
3.5X10X.0035 $19.25/C 6X12X.0035 $20.88/C
4X4X.0035 $6.56/C 8X10X.0035 $23.25/C
4X6X.0035 $9.84/C 10X12X.0035 $35.00/C
5X8X.0035 $11.60/C 12X12X.0035 $42.00/C
6X6X.0035 $22.00/C