DC-1205-C High Density Virgin Polyethylene Cleanroom Bags Class100 - ISO Class 5 - JPG-5322-1 Level 100 - 2Mil, 3Mil, 4Mil, 6Mil

DC-1205-C HDPE Cleanroom Class100 - ISO Class 5 - bags and tubing - 2mil to 8mil - JPG-5322-1 Level 100

 DegageCorp High Density Polyethylene clean room bags and tubing are extruded and fabricated “in line” in a Fed. Cert 209e cleanroom. All high density bags and tubing are extruded from custom ordered cleanroom, high density resin without the addition of any manufacturing aides, release agents or slip agents and the tubing is fabricated "in line" into bottom seal bags and open tube that will exceed the specifications of JPG 5322-1 Class100 as well as ISO 14644-1 CLASS 5.

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Available in the following configurations: Cleanroom Poly Bags - Cleanroom Zip Lock Poly Bags - Cleanroom Poly Tubing - Cleanroom Gusseted Poly Bags - Cleanroom Poly Sheets - Cleanroom Poly Pouches - Cleanroom Tote Covers - Cleanroom Pallet Covers - Cleanroom Square Bottom Bags Cleanroom HDPE - Cleanroom Packaging