DC-2070-C Cleanroom Nylon Bags and Tubing Poly Laminated Class 100 Class 50 - JPG-5322-1 Level 100 ISO Class 5 - 5Mil Only

Cleanroom Class 100 Class 50 Bags and Tubing Nylon Poly Laminated - JPG-5322-1 Level 100 ISO Class 5 - 5Mil Only

  DegageCorp. Class 100 (ISO Class 5) clean room Nylon Poly laminated bags and tubing are a bi-extrusion of 2 mils of Dupont nylon laminated to 3 mils of low density virgin resin that will meet the stringent cleanliness requirements of Nasa JPG 5322-1 level 100. While giving superior puncture resistance and outstanding moisture vapor barrier characteristics. DC-2070-C is available in bag sizes up to 48" wide and lengths up to 60". DegageCorps. nylon and nylon laminated bags are fabricated within the confines of a vertically integrated federally certified 209E clean room and are designed for the critical packaging of electronics, medical instruments, implants, orthopedic devices, spinal products and neurosurgical devices as well as ceramics, thin films and fiber optics. Because of DegageCorps. vertical integration we have achieved shipping times of an estimated two weeks, from an industry standard of twelve weeks, giving our customers greater inventory turnaround and increased cost effectiveness. 

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