DC-8000 Black Conductive Polyethylene Bags (MIL-P-82646A) - 3Mil, 4Mil Only

DC-8000 Conductive black Low Density Polyethylene Bags (MIL-P-82646A)
Black Conductive Bags Gusseted bags Tubing Sheeting Pallet Covers and Tote Covers.

What Is ESD Protection?

 DegageCorps. low density, black carbon loaded and sealed, conductive 105th‚Äč OHMS/SQ bags and film contains no release agents or slip agents, our black conductive bags are fabricated in line and are generally made in 3mil or 4mil and are used for the packaging of circuit boards or other static sensitive electronic items. DegageCorp. black conductive bags will also meet military specification MIL-P-82646A.

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